Equine Black Salt (2kg) - Global Herbs

Black Salt (2kg) by Global Herbs

The digestive soother and skin calmer


  • Gentle mineral replacement
  • Comforting on sensitive stomach
  • Calms bowels, digestion and skin
  • Traditional soothing formula

How to use
Give a good pinch(about 2g) in the food once or twice daily as a natural salt replacement.

Vit lavana (Black Salt) is the salt used in the famous traditions of Ayurveda (the science of life in India) and is a great soother of bowel function and itchy skin. Sambar rock salt is heated in an earthenware pot to which herbs such as Terminalia chebula are added. It contains small natural amounts of trace elements such as iron, magnesium and copper and is carminative and tonic to the digestive system.

It replaces salt lost in exercise and adding trace elements essential for normal and fitness and skin condition.  Black Salt provides an easy way to give your horse those extra minerals he or she needs but also more importantly soothes those horses prone to repetitive abdominal discomfort.

Supplied Size: 2kg