Mud-X Syrup (1Ltr) - Global Herbs


Mud-X Syrup (1Ltr) by Global Herbs

Get Mud Free - Get Shiny and Stay Safe all Winter

Choose from :
  Syrup for everyday use, designed for routine use when conditions are not too bad – any horse will find it a tasty daily treat.
  Powder for serious situations, for when things get bad and you need a stronger solution. Powdered Mud-X can also be used routinely if necessary but is stronger tasting

Mud-X used in the feed gives your horse perfect shiny skin in even the worst conditions. If you worry about skin problems in muddy conditions and want a beautiful glossy coat then Mud-X is the product for you. It can be used at any time of year.


  • Fast help in winter conditions
  • Comfortable skin

This powerful mineral nutrition is vital for good skin condition.

How to use
One 25 ml scoop twice daily per average horse. Introduce very gradually over a few days as this is a strong formula. If palatability is an issue, use the syrup version which almost all horses will eat happily.

Supplied Size: 1Ltr