Pet Skin Balm 80g for Cats & Dogs

Pet'Skin Balm is a long-lasting hydrating balm formulated for use on dry skin, cracked noses or pads, cuts, scrapes & rubs

Its gentle natural formula is suitable for cats and dogs.

Usage Instructions

Pet'Skin Balm is designed for maximum compliance. Its natural unscented formula is easy to apply to the skin and can be used as frequently as required.

Massage into irritated skin, cracked paws & dry noses to soothe and soften. Gently apply to scrapes and rubs to help heal and protect.

Natural effective hydration & protection for skin

A blend of botanical extracts and ceramide precursers deeply hydrate the skin, maintain skin barrier integrity & support microbial balance.

  • Deep Hydration - Natural oils and Ceramide Precursers moisturise and hydrate dry cracked skin to soothe and soften.
  • Skin Barrier Support - Ceramide precursers are essential for supporting a healthy skin barrier to keep irritants and allergens at bay and build a healthy coat.
  • Long-lasting Protection - Pet'Skin Balm's unique formula with Aloe Vera and Bisabolol, can be applied to superficial cuts and scrapes to protect from contamination and aid skin healing.
  • Microbial Balance - The gentle natural formula supports the skin's delicate microbial balance promoting naturally healthy skin.

Key Ingredients:

Coconut, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Bisabolol, & Ceramide Precursors (Ω3&6).

Fragrance & preservative free.