PolleneX Liquid - Global Herbs

PolleneX Liquid by Global Herbs

Can be used for itchy noses, runny eyes, and all those summer worries that you and your horse know so well

The appearance of yellow fields can typically mean only one thing, airborne particles ready to wreak havoc with you and your horse.

Horses generally suffer at this time of year, supplementation with this traditional blend of plants in syrup or powder form can be a great help. Owners start using it in the spring just as they start to sense the season is changing. It is particularly important to helps such horses quickly in the summer or they may start to experience the same situation in the next winter without the presence of pollen.

Turkey berry, Long Pepper, Malabar nut, Liquorice

How to use
For part or all of the relevant flowering season.

Syrup: 25ml twice daily for an average horse
Powder: 1 blue 25ml scoop twice daily for an average horse

Use higher levels for more severe situations. Global Herbs can assist if you require more help with this product