Veteran Plus formally Old Age Formula (1Kg) - Global Herbs

Veteran Plus (1Kg) by Global Herbs

Revive Your Horse in a Few Days - Saves You Trouble and Heartache

Just like Global Herbs MuscleUp, this formula "Veteran Plus" is another one of their 'overnight sensations'. A formula specifically designed to support the ageing process and help with suppleness, energy and general body condition. Supports the immune system and helps feed and revitalises all the internal organs. Do you want a 4 year old again? Perhaps not! But ...

See your old horse transformed in a matter of days. Most owners cannot believe the difference this formula makes. Veteran Plus is not just for old geriatrics but can be used on any horse that is in need of a big helping hand. E.g. in convalescence or for rescue cases. Your nice healthy strapping lad or lady will not be embarrassed if he or she sees a scoop of Veteran Plus in the food on the odd occasion.

Note: If you already use Restore regularly you may not need Veteran Plus formula quite so much.


  • Quick, effective support
  • Rejuvenates the older horse

Guduchi vine, Indian ginseng, Commen basil, Creat, Trailing eclipta

Supplied Size: 1Kg